Dr Richard Jenkinson, Clinical Psychologist
Dr Jenkinson, Clinical Psychologist & Director of Verdure Psychology
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"The treatment was spot on and helped me develop new skills and attitudes to deal with my mental health issues. I feel much more at ease now and confident that I can overcome the challenges that life throws at me." John (pseudonym)

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Clinical Psychology in York

Ready for a Fresh Start?

After years of working in the NHS, Dr Richard Jenkinson launched Verdure Psychology in 2023. The aim is to deliver compassionate & effective therapy to help adults & young people feel better & reach their goals.

We have immediate availability for clients wishing to access face to face therapy in York, UK, and we have an online service that we offer to clients nationwide. We’re registered with a number of insurance companies (including Axa, Aviva, BUPA, Vitality Health and WPA).

Verdure (noun)

| \ *ver·dure The greenness of lush, healthy vegetation, often associated with freshness and vitality.

Psychology (noun)

| \ *psy·chol·o·gy  The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, particularly those affecting behaviour & wellbeing.

HCPC Registered

Dr Jenkinson is an accredited Clinical Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (the regulatory body for Clinical Psychologists).

Online Assessment & Therapy

Access a Clinical Psychologist wherever in the UK you are. We offer support for a wide range of difficulties, including low mood/depression, interpersonal issues, confidence, anxiety (including obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalised anxiety & social anxiety), body image concern, stress, perfectionism, self-esteem, eating difficulties, performance under pressure, self-criticism, shame, emotional dysregulation & more.

Multi-Modal Therapy

Verdure Psychology offers a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), systemic approaches, integrative therapy (combining more than one approach) & more.

Compassion Guaranteed

At Verdure we treat everyone with the upmost respect and endeavour to never judge or criticise.

We're mindful of pacing and always deliver therapy with kindness, collaboration, sensitivity, empathy & understanding.


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It can be stressful trying to find a reputable therapist to provide online therapy in the UK

Part of the issue is that anybody can call themselves a “Therapist”, “Counsellor”, “Psychologist”, “Coach” or “Psychotherapist” because these are not protected titles under UK law and so these titles can be used without  the individual being required to register with an associated regulatory body that maintains oversight of these practitioners.

therapy being offered by an unregulated therapist

Therefore many of the therapists who advertise online are not associated with a professional organisation that has the power to hold them to account and ensure vulnerable patients are kept from harm. 


Unfortunately, a proportion of the people claiming to have expertise in treating mental health are unregulated, unqualified and inexperienced.


“Clinical Psychologist” is a protected title, regulated by the HCPC (the governing body of the profession). Individuals using this title must be registered with the HCPC and, to be accredited, they must have undergone extensive training (from recognised institutions) and have had substantial and diverse clinical experience. They then need to abide by the HCPC Standards of Performance, Ethics and Conduct:


1. Promote and protect the interests of service users and carers

2. Communicate appropriately and effectively

3. Work within the limits of one’s knowledge and skills

4. Delegate appropriately

5. Respect confidentiality

6. Manage risk

7. Report concerns about safety

8. Be open when things go wrong

9. Be honest and trustworthy

10. Keep records of one’s work   


You can check the accreditation of Dr Jenkinson here 


Online Therapy UK

There are many benefits of finding a therapist who is a clinical psychologist. However, there are also many fantastic therapists of different professional backgrounds. The key take home point is accreditation and so, whoever you find to work with, we strongly recommend you confirm they are registered with the appropriate professional body to maximise your chances of receiving safe and effective online therapy. More information on the different regulatory bodies can be found on this external website: https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/accreditation.html#registrationaccreditation

York Clinical Psychologist 

Verdure Psychology is also able to offer face to face work in York, UK. We can help individuals aged 16 + overcome a variety of mental health difficulties, including anxiety, depression and binge eating disorder. It’s not uncommon for clients to have gender preferences. Rich has worked for years as a male therapist in an eating disorder clinic and is used to clients occasionally expressing uncertainty about working with a man. Rich’s feels strongly that the person needs to feel safe and comfortable for the therapy to be effective. Therefore, he fully respects the decisions of clients, and he would never encourage anyone to work with him who didn’t want to work with a male. However, he has also had countless examples of people who seemed somewhat unsure at first but decided to give it a go anyway and they ended up forming incredible therapeutic relationships based on mutual-respect, trust and equality. That’s why we offer a free 15 minute video consultation – people who aren’t sure whether they’ll work well with Rich can find out by meeting him (free of charge)!

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